NetSec Focus Guidelines

Hello All,

First and foremost, NSF is a community meant for Cybersecurity / IT professionals to share knowledge and experiences. To facilitate this effort, there are certain chat channels that are meant for professional discussion only. And others that have less moderation in which users are free to speak their minds.

Channel Guidelines

In the following channels: please refrain from posting memes, inappropriate content, trolling, excess banter, etc.
Rule of thumb: If it isn't appropriate for the workplace, don't post it.

On the other hand, the channels below are considered more casual and unmoderated. People are free to speak as they wish here as long as they do not violate the General Rules. We're a big believer in free speech, so please respect everyone's right to express themselves. Note: These are not default channels.

General Rules
Certification Study Rules

Last but not least, please try to be kind and courteous to each other. Remember that we are trying to build a productive and collaborative community. Thanks and enjoy your time here!